Dr. Moumita Gupta (HOD)

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Anthropology
Qualification: M. Sc. (C.U.), Ph. D. (WBSU)
Area of Specialization: Social and Cultural anthropology

E-mail: moumitaap@gmail.com


Research Publications:

  • Gupta Moumita&PatraMahua(2011),A Note on Industrialization-Its impact on an Industrial Town-A preliminary Study, Man in India,Vol.91,No.3-4,July-December,pp.597-604.
  • Gupta, Moumita& Gupta, Nirmalyeswar (2014),Impact of Consumption of Fast food on the health of children in the era of Globalization, Indian Journal of Developmental Studies 2,No.1&2,January,pp.36-47.
  • Gupta, Moumita& Das, Abhijit (2004-2015): Empowering women of SHGs through Microfinance-A selective study in villages of North and South 24-Parganas,W.B., Nrtattv, Jan.-June & July – Dec.Vol.5&6,No.7&8,pp.91-101.
  • Gupta Moumita (2015),Dolls and Gender Socialization; in Samanta,SumanKalyan (ed.) Development for the Communities and Country; Role of Anthropology, Seminar Volume,Pragatishil Prokashak,pp.87-92.
  • Gupta,Moumita& Das ,Abhijit ( 2016 ),Empowerment of women through self-help groups in the domestic spheres-an ethnographic study in the villages of West Bengal, The Asian Man,Vol.10,No.1, Jan.-June, pp.32-39.
  • Gupta Moumita (2016), Empowerment of Rural women through political participation: An Ethnographic study in North 24-Pargana and South 24-pargana,West Bengal,in Rahaman,Hasibul (ed.),Social Dimension of Indian Women-Perspectives and prospect,Kunal Books,pp.23-37.
  • Gupta, Moumita& Das, Abhijit;(2016),Economic Empowerment of women through Self-help Groups-A socio-Cultural study in some villages of North 24-Parganas,West Bengal, Research Journal of Social Science & Management(Rjssm), Vol.5,No.11,March,pp.67-74.
  • Gupta,Moumita;Das,Abhijit;Polley,Tanusree;Mondal Joydeep;(2017),Urbanisation issues and Impacts on the village of South 24 parganas, International journal of Scientific Research and Management(IJSRM),5,No.5,pp.5546- 555

Seminar Attended& Paper Presentated:

  • Paper presented in a National Seminar on Indigenous Medicinal Systems-A comparative study between two Santal villages of Bankura District on 4th -6th March,2010,organised by Department of Anthropology ,WBSU,Barasat,WB.
  • Paper presented in a National Seminar entitled Relationship between Social upliftment and Food-habit among the School Students-A Nutritional Perspectiveson 18th-19th, 2010, organised by Indian Anthropological Society, Department of Anthropology, RanchiUniversity, Ranchi.
  • Paper presented in an International Conference on The Effects of Urbanization in village(Semi-urban) life-A preliminary Analysis of four villages of South 24 Parganas Districton 14th-16th2011,organised by Department of Anthropology ,WBSU,Barasat,WB.
  • Paper presented in UGC Sponsored National Seminar entitled Occupational health hazards among women workers-An Empirical study among some industries of West Bengal on25th-26th, 2011, organised by Post-Graduate Department of Studies and Research in Sociology, Karnatak University, Dharwad.
  • Paper presented in a National Seminar onEthics in Social-Cultural Fieldwork-An Empirical Study on 19th-20th,2012,organised by Department of Anthropology ,WBSU,Barasat,WB.
  • Paper presented in UGC Sponsored National Seminar entitled Empowerment of Women:Issues and Impact-An Ethnographic Study in North 24-Parganas on 9th March,2013,organised by Indian Anthropological Society, Department of Anthropology,held at the Exhibition Hall,IndianMuseum,Kolkata.
  • Paper presented in UGC Sponsored National Seminar entitled Towards the Stage of Developing of a small Santal Community-An Ethnographic study of a village in Purulia Districton 22nd-23rd March,2013,organised by Department of Anthropology of Mahishadal Girl’s College,Mahishadal,PurbaMedinipur,West Bengal.
  • Paper presented in a National Seminar on Social, Economic and political Empowerment of Women through SHG:Concepts,issues and changes-An Ethnographic study in two selected villages of North 24-Pgs.on 28th March,2014,organised by Department of Anthropology ,WBSU,Barasat,WB.
  • Paper presented in two day National Conference on Women and Work, entitled SHG -Empowering Women in Rural west Bengal-An Ethnographic Study on 17 – 18 th March,2017,organised by Center For Women’s Studies, Pondicherry University.

Research Experiences:

  • Engaged in continuous field survey in selected 22 villages of two districts from 2010-2016.
  • Collected valuable informations from different Self-help groups on the basis of Interview, Observation, and also Case study methods.
  • More or less 80 Self-help groups are selected and collected information among the 860 selected members of these groups.
  • Different parameters are selected for examining the Empowerment of Women through the formation of Self-help groups.

Fieldwork Experiences:

  • Conducted fieldwork as head of the department among the B.A./B.Sc. students (both Honours and General) of Mrinalini Dutta Mahavidhyapith in North and South 24-Pgs,Howra,Barddhaman etc.in West Bengal from 2003-2010 consecutively twelve times.
  • Afterwards, conducted fieldwork along with B.A. /B.Sc.(both Honours & General) studentsof HaldiaGovt.College from 2004-2010in Bankura,PurbaMidnapore and North Bengal as an investigator of this Department.

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