Dr. Saswati Bhattacharya

Designation: Assistant Professor
Department: Botany
Qualification: M.Sc. (C.U.), Ph. D. (C.U.)
Area of Specialization: Cell Biology, Molecular Genetics and Plant biotechnology

E-mail: bhattacharya.sw@gmail.com



Research Interests

Cytology, Tissue culture, Phytochemistry of medicinal plants

Research Publications

  1. Bhattacharya S., De A and Choudhury M. (2017 ) Cytological effects of 5-AminoUracil on Allium cepa L roots  J Med Pl Studies  5 (1 ):96-100
  2. Bhattacharya S., Maity S., Pramanick D., Hazra K. and Choudhury M. (2016)  HPLC of Phenolic compounds, antioxidant  and antimicrobial activity of  bulbs from three Ornithogalum species available in India.  Int J Pharm Pharm Sc 8 (7):187-192
  3. Bhattacharya S., Ghosh B. and Choudhury M. (2016) A simple reliable protocol for cytogentically stable mass propagation of Ornithogalum virens Pl Tissue Cult Biotech 26(1) :1-14

Membership of Learned Societies

Life Member, Indian Science Congress Association

Invited Lectures

  1. Special lecture on ‘Bioprospecting’, Panihati Mahavidyalaya, West Bengal, 2017.

Abstracts of The Symposia

  1. Bhattacharya ,S , Pramanick , D , M Choudhury (2017 ) Micropropagation as a tool to maintain three temperate Indian species of Ornithogalum, Abstract volume: Advances in Life Sciences, 10th year celebration of IISER, Kolkata, organized by IISER, Kolkata
  2. Bhattacharya ,S , Pramanick , D , Hazra AK, M Choudhury (2017 )Phytochemical analysis and assessment of bioactives from three species of Ornithogalum Abstract volume: International Conference: The Green Planet: Past Present & Future; organized by University of Calcutta
  3. Bhattacharya , S. , Maity, S . , Pramanick, D. , Hazra , A.K. & M Choudhury (2016) Study of antimicrobial natural products from Ornithogalum dubium Houtt.: 23rd West Bengal Science & Technology Congress, organized by Presidency University, Kolkta
  4. Bhattacharya , S ., M Choudhury and B Ghosh ( 2015 )   : Micropropagation techniques and cytology of Ornithogalum virens L    Abstract volume : National Symposium on evolving plant biology : From Chromosomes to Genomics , organized by the Bose Institute  , Kolkata
  5. Bhattacharya, S.,Maity, S. , Hazra , A.K. and M Choudhury(2015 ) : Studies on activity-guided separation of bioactive fractions /compounds from Ornithogalum thyrsoides      Abstract volume  : National Symposium on  Environmental Impact on Biodiversity and Plant Development organized   by Department of Biological Science , Presidency University
  6. Bhattacharya , S., De, A. and M Choudhury ( 2014 ) : Clastogenic effect of 5- AminoUracil and Caffeine and their effect in synchronization of cell cycle of Allium cepa L    Abstract volume  : 35 th PTCA Meeting and National Symposium on Advances in Plant Molecular Biology & Biotechnology organized by IISER, Pune

Full Paper of The Symposium

Bhattacharya , S. and M Choudhury (2013) Cytotoxic effects of Pesticides Proceedings of UGC sponsored state level seminar on Progress of Science vis-à-vis  Environment organized by Sarojini Naidu College , DumDum

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